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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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there are two gun shot victims... there was only one shooter. 16:07:33 one of them being called a victim, one being called a suspect, we feel, law enforcement feels that one was obviously the aggressor in this manner or in this matter. thats the route the investigation has gone. neighbors heard gunfire on the streets outside this apartment complex... and saw two men lying on opposite sides of the street. investigators say they don't why the men wound up here, but that they know do each other. if they know how, they aren't saying tonight.... as it's part of the ongoing investigation. but d-c-i did stress that there's no threat to the public and that gives some in the community peace of mind. 13:26:39 this is a small town. everybody gets along. everybody knows everybody. i was really
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both men were rushed to separate hospitals... then brought to des moines. at last check.. authorities say they were listed in critical condition... with potentially life threatening injuries. we now know the name of a man killed by urbandale police over the weekend and the names of the officers involved in the shooting. it happened early saturday morning in the lobby of the holiday inn on merle hay road. officers were reportedly responding to a call involving the lobby. a man reportedly pulled out a gun during the fight ... then was shot and killed by police. this afternoon we learned the shooting victim's name is ali yahia ... a 29-year old from des moines. the three officers involved in the shooting were sergeant jeff casey ... and officers anthony brooks and justice weaver. all three are on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. that is standard protocol for any officer involved shooting. the bus driver accused of killing an iowa state university student last december is entering a formal not guilty plea. online court records show benjamin clague entered a written
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of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. he was due in court today to make that plea in person. clague is accused of the hit-and-run death of isu freshman emmalee jacobs. jacobs' body was found on lincoln way at the intersection of ash avenue in early december ... last month the investigation lead police to clague. they say he hit jacobs with a cyride bus and didn't stop ... even though cameras on the bus show he was aware he hit something. his next court appearance is scheduled for march 22nd. tomorrow night the iowa supreme court will hear arguments in the wrongful death case of former slipknot member paul gray. gray's family claims his overdose death in 2010 was the result of dr. daniel baldi over prescribing painkillers. a lower court cleared baldi of wrongdoing ... but gray's family appealed to the supreme court. arguments will be heard in a special... open evening session tomorrow. a domestic violence survivor is sharing her story in hopes it grabs the attention of lawmakers. nats of video," i was his 6th
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would happen to me." tiffany allison worked on a injuries she and six others suffered at the hands of the same man. in 2009, allison was beaten by her boyfriend.. he was sentenced to two and a half years but served just ten months.... after being released he assaulted another woman and is now back in prison... allison is pushing for legislation that would require third strike offenders of any violent crime to serve at least 85- percent of their sentence. currently most only serve about 33- helps get the conversation started.... 'its been an emotional experience putting the psa together but we feel like its necessary to get the public engaged and to understand the high level offender that were talking about.' last year allison worked with bill passed but it failed to make it out of sub-committee. senator mccoy says this year
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legislation will pass the senate.. a single vehicle accident saturday morning killed one teenager and injured another. it happened around 1:20 in the morning on 645th avenue in rural story county. 17-year old chase mohler apparently lost control of his truck as he was cresting a hill and crashed into a ditch. mohler was killed in the crash ... 16- year old william spencer was injured. mohler was a junior at collins- maxwell high school. services for mohler will be held at the maxwell community center on wednesday. visitation begins at four... followed by his funeral at seven. a truck driver was killed in a rollover accident this morning that shutdown intersate 35 for hours. the crashed happened on northbound i-35 ... just south of of cumming ... around four o-clock this morning. the driver of the truck was killed in the crash. the state patrol still hasn't released the driver's name. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the interstate was shut down for nearly three hours this morning. the iowa state patrol says no
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crash in eastern iowa yesterday. troopers say it started small with three cars colliding on the icy road near west branch. then two more crash ... then 29 others. three people suffered minor injuries in the 34 car pileup. mlk boulevard was closed for more than an hour this morning after a garbage truck hit a light pole ... causing it to fall across the road. no one was injured in the crash. the road is back open now. maytag dairy farms is recalling blue cheese. the farm says the cheese may listeria. the cheese was sold to a number of central iowa grocery stores and restaurants. the cheese in question would have a "lot number" of 1-5-0-4-8-1. there have been no reported illnesses linked to the cheese. if you purchsed the cheese you can contact maytag dairy farms for a refund. veishea may be gone ... but those famous cherry pies are not. the veishea celebration was cancelled permanently after
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violence in campustown. however isu students are keeping one of the traditions of the celebration alive. today cherry pies were sold to fund a scholarship program at the school. about 16-hundred pies were produced today. during a typical veishea day ... more than ten-thousand of the pies would've been made. iowa state officials are working to find ways to bring other pieces of veishea back to campus ... including the parade and a community service event. it was an up-and-down week for both the iowa and iowa state basketball teams last week ... but that isn't hurting their standings in the a-p poll. the hawkeyes and cyclones were each one-and-one in their two games last week ... but voters forgave them for their losses. the hawkeyes stayed at number four in the poll released today. the cyclones climbed one spot to number 13. according to one espn expert ... the hawkeyes are still on a path to play in des moines for the first rounds of the ncaa tournament next month at wells fargo arena. this week the arena will host
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thousands of wrestling fans will flood into the metro for the two state tournaments this week. the state dual team tournament will take place all day wednesday. then thursday through saturday its the individual state wrestling tournament. wrestling fans will have to deal with something they don't normally see at tournament time ... the sun! chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us with a first look at the warm week ahead. a weak disturbance will cross through central iowa late tonight between midnight and 7 am. it will bring a mix of rain-snow across the state. temperatures will hover right around 32 degrees. by the commute in, the precipitation should be done but
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speaking of warming up ... today governor branstad was talking about summer break ... ... and a new type of summer school that could be coming soon for some kids. coming up next ... four years after it was passed into law, a new reading initiative will finally be rolled out this summer. find out how it works ... and how it could keep struggling kids from having to repeat grades. and iowa teens are getting a lesson in sun damage. we'll show you how they're learning the hard lesson that the damage may
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today flags were flying at half staff to pay tribute to supreme court justice antonin scalia who passed away this weekend. this morning inside the state capitol, governor branstad announced the roll could mean summer school for your third grader. but only if he or she is failing to make the grade. the program would allow third graders who fail reading proficiency tests in the spring to take part in a summer reading program. if they pass the program they can advance to fourth grade ... if not they'd have to repeat the 3rd grade. the governor says 25-percent of iowa third graders fell into that category last year. the state will offer a pilot study of the program this summer ... but governor branstad says he is already planning for full implementation next summer. 3810-3842 "we think that by doing the pilot project and raising this kind of money ... my intent is to recommend $9 million next year for the summer of 17 ... we have a law that was
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the governor is already ready to expand the program ... but how will it really work? dave price breaks it down for us. the entire purpose of this summer is learning how to teach students next summer. so it's an experimental and administrators. there are four main subjects everyone's trying to figure out in this pilot summer school....that's a different atmosphere than the traditional reading programs work in this type of setting. number two...students come from different demographics...some have learning disabilities, some come from low income families, other than english so do they need
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programs for these demographically different students. number three...the time factor. what's the magic number here? how many hours of instruction will it take so everyone can see significant improvement in reading. finally, number four...effective classroom characteristics. what classroom sizes work best? should schools partner with outside community groups...will they help some of these struggling students to learn better and faster? that's the four part classroom assignment. and if everyone figures out the best way to complete'll mean third graders from all over the state can do what everyone wants...move on to fourth grade and have the reading skills to earn that move. 40 districts...including fort dodge, indianola and perry have signed on for the pilot program. to see the full list of districts...go to
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a weak disturbance will cross through central iowa late tonight between midnight and 7 am. it will bring a mix of rain-snow across the state. temperatures will hover right around 32 degrees. by the commute in, the precipitation should be done but roads may be wet or slick in spots. we'll stay in the middle to upper 30s tuesday and wednesday, with upper 40s to lower 50s through the weekend. besides the rain/snow mix early tuesday
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teens have heard the warning's for year ... tanning is bad for you. but doctors say kids refuse to health. @53:33"i hear a lot of teens that say, oh well, i'll worry about that later. well now is later." there's now a tool that allows healthcare professionals to be done. reuther shows us how the "dermascan" is
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"it wasn't what i was expecting. i didn't think i'd have that much damage, but clearly i did." this machine is making its rounds to area schools to show students what's going on underneath the surface of their skin. teens typically don't think about wrinkles, age spots or skin cancer. channel 13's megan reuther shows how a group is getting them to start. the story is new at five. high school students don't think much about their skin... @31:17 "i'm outside a lot, especially with sports and stuff, you're exposed all the time." except maybe how it looks. @38:15 "towards the beginning of wrestling season, i tanned a lot, and then after christmas break, i stopped." that's why a look inside this machine can be eye-opening. @38:14 "i looked in the mirror and it showed the light spaces on my @39:36 "the darker was damaged, and it was most of my face." this is called the dermascan.
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the john stoddard cancer center bring this to area schools for the "it's your skin iowa" project. @49:06 "the dermascan is a tool we can use...not actually a screening...but just a tool to show damage done below the surface of the skin that you can't get back. so this is damage done in the past" nats@36:13 "which show damage from uv rays." the project started last year with a grant from the iowa cancer consortium. their goal is to get teens to wear sunscreen with s-p-f 30 and avoid tanning beds. @53:06 "so many teens are tanning, and we're seeing so many cases of melanoma in that age bracket, so it's the second highest cancer that is seen for 15 to 29 year olds." standup@59:46 "19 area schools are participating in the "it's your skin iowa." it's a contest to get students to pledge not to tan." @55:20 and, whoever gets the most percentage will get $500 for their school to use as they want." norwalk high school won the
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money for post prom activities. @38:03 "it really opens my view." all while teaching the students to protect their skin. @30:07 "i think you should be comfortable in your own skin." in norwalk, megan reuther, channel 13 news. the it's your skin project also has an instagram contest for any iowa high school student to participate. students use the hastag "itsyourskiniowa" and say why they don't tan. students have two chances to win gift card. stick around, we'll get another
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13 news at six ... in december governor branstad pitched an ambitious by using tax money meant for schools. may
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tonight, supreme war. the death of justice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits the trail. hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine. snow and ice in the north. a tornado outbreak hit the south. and heartburn alert. new concerns about


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